No international goods traffic without customs

In addition to simple customs clearance, we offer competent customs advice and a wide range of services.

When it comes to professional import or export customs clearance, you’ve come to the right place. Our in-house customs experts take care of everything to do with customs for you.

Constant extensions and changes to import and export laws require absolute know-how and the latest knowledge of current legislation from our customs experts. In this way, we guarantee you flawless processing of your shipments, competent goods declarations and complete customs documentation. Thanks to our IT infrastructure and our professionally trained staff, we guarantee you a fast customs process so that your goods can be delivered quickly to their destination.


  • Normal customs clearance – final transfer to free circulation
  • Fiscal clearance
  • Inward processing – import for repair
  • Utilization certificate – temporary import (e.g. for trade fairs)
  • Shipping note T1 – transport as dutiable goods
  • AE 302 – Imports for the US military
  • Export Accompanying Document ABD
  • Outward processing – export for repair

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