Fiscal representative
We also represent your interests when dealing with German tax officals.

What exactly do we mean when we say that we will act as your fiscal representative? Individuals who desire to deliver goods to registered companies within the European Community (EC) are entitled to select a representative who will act on their behalf when dealing with customs and tax officials.

In this case the duty is paid directly by you and the consignment is delivered within the EC. Your customer receives a duty-free delivery which is only susceptible to country-specific taxes.

As our customer you will not need to invest valuable time registering with German tax officials. Nor will you have to concern yourself with the costs and regulations this entails. Because we are your tax representative we undertake responsibility for processing the paperwork that is required in order to comply with German customs. And we do it in a way that can exempt you from paying the import tax (VAT). As a result, you will save both time and money.

A click is all it takes to have us act on your behalf.

Power of attorney for customs clearance form
Power of attorney for fiscal representation form

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