Just in time... with our "Supply Chain Management".

Store. Package. Deliver: There are still a lot of e-commerce companies who haven't thought about the complicated and extensive tasks that need to be completed after the "click". This is a fatal mistake. Late deliveries, incorrect deliveries, inappropriate papers for returning goods or improper invoicing not only mean an upset client, they usually mean the loss of a client.

In the e-commerce business properly functioning logistics play a key role - one that normally determines success or failure! Now-a-days more important than the e-commerce product offering is the ability to provide reliable and punctual deliveries.

That's why we tailor our logistics to suit the customer's individual needs. In this way we can ensure that the entire product flow from the manufacturer to the customer is managed in a problem-free and cost-efficient manner.

Supply Chain Management can reduce your inventory to a necessary minimum, conserve resources and reduce costs.

Thanks to our central location in Germany and Europe we are always prepared to quickly set up the necessary material-flow process and to deliver your consignments on time to the proper destinations. With the support of our 4,000 sq. meter warehouse routine, "just-in-time" deliveries quickly become just that.

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